In 2014, while working at Niels Torp Arkitekter, Trine Rosenberg asked if I could 3d model a coffee bar. The bar was intended for the reseption area in Statoils new HQ at Sandsli, outside Bergen. 

She had a rough idea of what she wanted on some 2d-sketches, and that is usually all I need to get started. I used poly mesh modelling in 3D Studio Max. This way I could flesh out the proportions and general form pretty fast in low poly, and then switch over to a dense high poly mesh for rendering and printing.

Once the shape and form was locked I rendered several images from different angles.Kaffebar RenderKaffebar Render 2Because we had a large physical 1:50 model of the whole project at the office I printed one model in this scale. This 3d print was only about 10 cm wide and didnt quite show off any details… So I decided to make another model using 1:20 scale. At this scale I could 3d print some glasses and a coffee machine to place on the coffe bar, giving a better impression of its true size, as seen in the top image.

This project was printet on an Ultimaker Original using three colors of PLA @ 50mm/s 0,15 mm layer height.

Here is a photo of the finished coffe bar in the Statoil reseption.Kaffebar hos Statoil