Every summer I get to spend a couple of weeks with my family at Lyngør, outside of Tvedestrand. This year I thought Id use my drone to 3d-scan some of the islands in the area and try to make some “art”.

Being able to capture both color and shape with photogrammetry, I could 3d-print the result and get photorealistic renderings of the surrounding islands. This would be much better than the usual 2d-charts.

The island would literally pop out of the image, creating a super accurate representation of the real world. I could 2d-print the water surface on glossy photo paper after making an orthomosaic.08 Smellen SideI launched the drone from the boat.DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_4758.JPGI did two 360 degree circles and some images overhead, together with extra photos of the most interesting features.

This island is called “Smellen” by the locals. It has a unique shape that makes the water gush out high in the air at the right wheater conditions, on the north-west side.03 Smellen Photo LocationThis is the resulting sparse point cloud based on almost 700 photos.04 Smellen Point CloudThe 3d-mesh turned out quite detailed, after almost 24 hours of computer processing.05 Smellen WireEven small features were captured precisely. Thats me in the boat to the right.06 Smellen Top View ShadedI dont have a full color 3d-printer, yet, so this was printed with Stainless Steel from ProtoPasta and sanded to get that glossy finish. Im going to send the model to a printing service for full color print shortly…

Together with a nice frame this will look awsome on the wall!07 Smellen 3D Print 2