After moving into an old house in the countryside with my girlfriend, and spending months refurbishing, I needed to get back to the computer to feel like a nerd again. I had done drywalling, wallpapering, painted ceilings and walls, grinded and painted the stairs and laid new flooring, and the electrician had installed new wiring. Just a small little piece was missing… So I thought – why spend 15 more minutes carving a piece of wood, when I could spend 5 hours using cutting edge 3d software and 3d printing to finish it all off.Before 3d Print 01I wanted to try out the awesome features of photogrammetry and fetched my camera. 150 photos from different angels and distances later, I loaded everything into a piece of software called Agisoft Photoscan (free 30 day trial here). This, and similar software, can calculate the geometry from all the photos to produce a 3d mesh. After some cleanup this mesh can be 3d printed or used to further develop any kind of 3d project.

Here the software has figured out all the camerapositions and generated a rough 3d mesh. Agisoft Photoscan Photos and ModelThis mesh is used to manually 3d model the missing part.3D Model from Agisoft 1The last piece of the puzzle!Finished 3D ModelBefore 3d Print 02And there it is, glued in and painted!Painted in Place 02