Hundreds of colors and dozen of materials are available as filament for 3d printing. Some of the more advanced materials include metal like bronze, copper and steel. This is metal powder combined with a binder to make a printable filament. After the objects are 3d printed you have to sinter them in an oven to make pure metal parts.

So I bought a ceramics oven.

When working with temperatures of up to 1200 degrees celsius stuff catches fire, and I had to make a workbench out of steel for my Paragon Caldera kiln. I first designed the workbench in 3d. This way I knew exactly where to cut the square tubing, and what other parts to buy for the build.3d model WorkbenchResult after welding, before grinding. Notice the openings on the square tubing ends…Workbench-Finished-WeldingEnd caps and feet were 3d modeled and printed to a perfect fit. 05-Workbench-Parts05-Workbench-Parts-PrintedFinished result after grinding and painting.03 Workbench-Finished00 Workbench MainDownload the end caps HERE.