Having extensive experience with photography and photogrammetry I bought a drone to get aerial photos of buildings and terrain. With enough photos I could generate high resolution 3d-models of vast landscapes and then 3d-print them for potential clients. As a starting point I bought the DJI Spark, it had the same photo resolution as the more expensive drones.Drone DeskWith applications like Pix4D, DroneDeploy and MapsMadeEasy the user can do everything from flight planning to model generation. Here Im using Pix4D to select the area, amount of photos and flight height. The drone will takeoff, snap all the photos and then return home automatically. Drone Preflight SetupAfter processing all the photos the software generates a point cloud of potentially millions of points. This is just a matter of available computer power and time.Drone Point CloudThese points are transformed into a 3d-mesh/surface. In this example you actually see the tire tracks in the fields.Drone MeshThe 3d-surface is cut, sliced or booleaned to extract the road and houses into separate printable objects. I remodelled the houses for a cleaner look.Drone Mesh EditThe scale of this project is 1:750 so the finished model is pretty small, and because of the print orientation some of the finer details disappeared in the final print.Drone Modell 01Drone Modell 02Drone Modell 03I also generated a DSM, Digital Surface Model. Just for fun.Drone Digital Elevation Model DEMOn to the next mission!Drone Air Far